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Thursday, 26 May 2016 By Good4U
We were super excited last Thursday when we jetted off to London to attend our first consumer show of the year, The BBC Good Food Show Summer in the City. The line-up of chefs and celebrities was more than impressive and needless to say they didn’t disappoint. Day one kicked off on Friday when the show was officially opened by the beautiful Davina McCall along with chef extraordinaire Marcus Bean. The fabulous BBC Good Food Cookery Team also treated us to a demonstration while Davina filled us in on cutting refined sugar out of her diet.
School was out on Saturday which meant we had lots of little visitors to our stand to taste our newest raw seed and fruit truffles, Super Bites Kids. It’s pretty safe to say we got the nod of approval from both the children and their parents and I’m sure there’s lots of Banana & Cocoa and Strawberry & Vanilla flavoured Super Bites popping up in lunchboxes all over the country this week.
Day 2 also saw us treated to another cookery demonstration, this time from the lovely Hemsley & Hemsley sisters, Jasmine and Melissa.

We also had a clean eating masterclass from Stacie Stewart and lots of healthy foodie tips from the lovely Amelia Freer.
The BBC Good Food Stage was hosted all weekend by the wonderful Barney Desmazery who also managed to squeeze in a visit to our stand in between hosting James Martin, Amelia Freer and Tom Kerridge.
Day 3 of the Show was most definitely the highlight. The Good4U stand was graced with the presence of none other than the most amazing Donal Skehan. We were lucky enough to get our hands on tickets for his show in the Super Theatre where he hosted Saturday Kitchen Live with guest chef John Torode and the BBC’s very own Alex Jones.
It was lovely to meet all the wonderful people who visited the colourful stand of G30 over the weekend. Thanks so much for popping by, chatting with us and tasting our healthy snacks. For anyone looking for more info on where you can find our products, you can check out a list of Good4U’s stockists here!
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Tuesday, 05 April 2016 By Good4U
Good4U are super delighted to announce that we will be The Official Snack Supplier to Connacht Rugby. The announcement was made yesterday at the Sportsgrounds in Galway and the Good4U family were there to celebrate the announcement.
Our healthy snacks, packed with nutrients and No Added Sugars will provide the team with the nutrients they need pre/post training and also fuel them on big match days. 
The Little members of the Good4U team were also there on the day to test the guy’s skills and also give them a helping hand with their photoshoot.

We’re really looking forward to the partnership with Connacht Rugby and working on providing the healthiest and tastiest snacks to fuel their success. Keep an eye out for future competitions on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where you could not only gets your hand on some of our yummy snacks but also some Connacht Rugby gear.



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Friday, 12 February 2016 By Good4U
Good4U are definitely showing the love this Valentine’s Day. We’re giving away a whole box of delicious energy boosting snacks. We’ve also got your Valentine’s Day meal covered with super delicious Starter, Main and Dessert recipes sure to impress. So pop on over to our Facebook page for all the details.
With love in the air this weekend we thought surely food has a big part to play in setting the romantic scene. So here are a few questions our dietitian Shelly has answered about food, romance and the connection between the two:
Is the way to a person’s heart through their stomach as the old saying goes?
In the context of relationships – no. Going out and buying your partner their favourite food – which generally includes high sugar, fatty foods or a box of chocolate isn’t necessarily the most sensible route to go down. I think it’s nice to surprise each other every so often with a special meal or a candle lit dinner.
There is a very close relationship between love, sex and food. It's hard to feel romantic if you're starving. On the other hand, when you first meet someone and are completely infatuated, often you lose your sense of hunger.
Well I think many have experienced this at some point or another throughout their lives. The honeymoon period can often result in people losing a few pounds while people are getting to know each other and get comfortable. Once people get to the comfortable stage ‘the butterfly effect’ can potentially go out the window –and people enter the next phase also referred to as ‘The nesting period’.
But when people get too comfortable too quickly they may also adopt new habits and eating behaviours to suit new lifestyle. So suddenly the Friday and Saturday nights out on the hunt with the girls or lads are replaced with nights in with a take away, chocolates and bottle of wine. No harm in this every so often but if you totally lose the run of yourself weight can creep on very quickly. An average night in with your other half could equate to 3000kcal or more, and unless you are dancing around the living room or getting saucy in the bedroom there will be very few calories burnt.
During the initial stages of a relationship it may be largely physical attraction that brings you together and if your physical state changes significantly the attraction between you might fade away. This may seem like a shallow statement but this could be the case for some people.
So in essence what I am trying to say is that it’s important to maintain the lifestyle that you had before, keep up the exercise, meet your friends and don’t let ‘food’ become your happy place.

Cooking together can enhance a feeling of togetherness can’t it?
Yes and cooking meals can actually be quite therapeutic. Sometimes you might hear people use the excuse – I can’t cook!! It’s really not rocket science and there are plenty of basic recipe books out there to help you along your way. So if you haven’t done so before why not surprise your partner this weekend. That’s sure to spice things up.
Are there certain foods you can eat to increase your feeling of wellbeing or stir your libido?
Well you will often here about the alleged Aphrodisiacs that can fall into 3 groups – based on appearance, strange or weird foods and foods that connote wealth and luxury. But really there is no scientific basis for the effects of these foods. However the placebo effect for some might work.
1.Zinc may be important for the arousal process and is very important for male fertility – one of the richest sources of zinc is pumpkin seeds but it is also found in foods such as turkey, eggs, seeds, pine nuts and seafood
2.Selenium may support a healthy sex drive and fertility – seeds, brazil nuts and oysters.
3.Vitamin E helps produce sex hormones – eat more salmon, avocados and sunflower seeds
4.Calcium – dairy, broccoli and hazelnuts
5.Garlic – although it might seem more of a turn-off for romantic dinners with its strong odour, garlic increases the circulation and prevents hardening of the arteries, one of the causes of impotence.
The argument goes that food lovers are passionate people, but nobody loves a glutton.
True and maintaining a healthy weight will more than likely improve confidence levels and self-esteem. As long as people are comfortable with their own shape and size then this is enough.
Happy Valentine's Day! #BeHealthyBeHappy
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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 By Good4U
Today is World Cancer Day, the day when the world unites in the fight against cancer. World Cancer Day is all about raising awareness and educating people about the disease and here at Good4U we like to think we do our little bit to help.

We love producing super healthy and delicious foods and it makes us proud to think that through the production of our Super Sprouts we are helping, however minutely, in the fight against disease.

Research has shown that regularly eating our Super Sprouts has a protective effect against DNA damage, which is associated with cancer risks. For more info on our Sprouts research, head over to our website here.
You can pick up these wondrous Sprouts in Tesco UK here and Tesco Ireland here.

8.2 million people die each year from cancer so join in, use the hashtags #WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan and help Good4U and the rest of the world in the fight against cancer!

For more info about the benefits and nutritional value of any of Sprout range please click here.
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Monday, 25 January 2016 By Good4U

Expo Alert….Yay! We’re delighted to be attending the Hospitality Expo at the RDS in Dublin. We’re always excited for these kind of events where we get to meet people face to face and see their reactions to our products. The Expo will be taking place February 3rd and 4th and we’re so thrilled to be showing off all our yummy products, especially our newest snacks, Super Bites! If you’re in Dublin for the day, why not pop in, say hello and try some of our roasted and sprouted seeds. We’ll be at stand FV44.


For regular updates on what’s happening on the day, you can check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Monday, 18 January 2016 By Good4U

Today is Blue Monday, the name given to the third Monday of January reported to be the most depressing day of the year. It's supposedly a blend of the wet and cold weather, debt problems, low motivation, return to work after Christmas combined with abandonment of New Year resolutions. The concept was first publicised as part of a 2005 marketing campaign / press release from holiday company Sky Travel which claimed to have calculated the date using an “equation”.

Here in Good4U we are firm believers that good food can boost your mood. It’s evident from research and years of industry knowledge that what we eat not only affects the way we feel physically, but can impact greatly on our emotional wellbeing. Similarly to exercise food can trigger natural endorphins.

A combination of regular meals and snacks, wholegrains, leafy greens, a variety of vegetables and lean proteins should do the trick. Certain vitamins and minerals including folate, iron and selenium have been a particular focus in the area of mental health and mood.

Eating a poor diet, rich in processed food and stimulants, can cause fluctuations in energy and lead to poor gut health which can further create imbalances for both our body and mind, hence the saying ‘You are what you eat’.

Deficiency of the B vitamins, particularly thiamin and niacin have been linked with fatigue, and irritability. B vitamins also play a major role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, our main energy source, so stock up...

Raw fruits and vegetables are a great snack option. Some people seem to have developed a fruit phobia over concerns regarding it’s sugar content. But if the fruit is whole, the fibre is still intact and will result in a more sustainable energy release. Increasing foods that contain vitamin B like soya and soya beans, brown rice, broccoli sprouts, legumes, bananas, seeds, nuts, and cauliflower can help to prevent feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Seeds are one of the richest sources of magnesium which has also been linked to boosting energy levels.

Michelle Healthy Food Tips to beat the Blue Monday BluesOur dietitian Shelly has shared a few tips to keep you smiling:

  - Start the day off with a balance of wholegrains, fruits and lean proteins. Make sure to top your porridge or yoghurts with a good serving of Good4U Seeds to help boost energy levels
  - Snack on guilt free vegetable crudites such as celery sticks, carrots, mangetout and cherry tomatoes to boost fibre
  - Limit your intake of caffeinated drinks to prevent energy spikes and replace with herbal teas and homemade flavoured waters to keep well hydrated.
- Boost your folate intake with our Good4U Lentil sprout mix. Other source of folate include liver, green vegetables, oranges and other citrus fruits.

Shellys favourite smoothie Recipe

  • Large handful Spinach leaves (fresh or frozen)
  • ½ avocado 80g Pineapple (fresh)
  • 150ml apple juice
  • Full Lime Squeezed
  • 2 large tbsp. of Good4U Super Seeds 
  • Blitz and Enjoy


Click here to read “Shelly’s 123 to Men’s health”


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Wednesday, 06 January 2016 By Good4U
Sometimes it can be difficult to get your little ones to eat the healthy and nutritious foods you would like them to. We all know kids can be pretty picky when it comes to food and seeds can sometimes be a difficult one because of their texture or size. We have found a super easy way to include seeds into their diet, without them even noticing!!
Milling is a great way to introduce seeds in to your children’s diets. You can sprinkle the milled seed on top of their oats in the morning or if they’re really fussy, you can mix it through….Trust us, they won’t notice! You can also add the milled seed in to cakes and breads while baking. 

Milling makes it easier for your body to digest the seeds and most little milling devices are great as they can double as a coffee bean grinder.


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Monday, 04 January 2016 By Good4U

We are making healthy living ridiculously easy this January by giving you the chance to win an all-round healthy living package for you AND your friend! You just need to make sure you are following us on Facebook and TAG the #GymBuddy you want to win with!

You will win

  • Gym membership for you and your tagged friend
  • A Good4U hamper full of healthy natural treats
  • Consultation for you and your tagged friend with Good4U Dietitian Shelly
  • Consultation for you and your tagged friend with Fitness Expert Dave Donaldson of Prestige Fitness (Personal Trainer to Capital FM, Tulisa, Wes Brown, Reece Douglas, Ashley McClure)

#GymBuddy will give you the kickstart you need to keep fit and healthy throughout 2016!

Enter HERE

T&Cs apply

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Monday, 04 January 2016 By Good4U

Our range of products are now available at Amazon and you can order them online.

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