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Monday, 25 August 2014 By Good4U

Week 2 has come to an end and now it’s time for Ricardo (or Ricky Martin as we kindly like to call him) share with us the challenges and joys he has faced this last week.

Hi guys, how are you keeping?

This last week I didn’t have The Fleadh and all the street food around my house to tempt me, so I did really well indeed. As I said on my previous post, my shopping list this week was very similar to my first one (including the feta cheese, which I bought this time and oh yes, it is really good!) but with some new items added on it: pesto, hummus, smoked salmon and turkey instead of chicken.

I must say, swapping my beloved chicken for turkey wasn’t easy, but in the end the turkey showed itself as a really good meat option.

I have cooked really nice and delicious meals this week, but I don’t want to annoy you talking about all of them, so you can see ‘em all here.

As with the previous week, I tried to have a different lunch to my dinner and I did well. I may have had similar meals, but they were never exactly the same, which was really good! I can feel now the difference in not having to have the same meals over and over again. It’s just so much more fun!

I promised you last week that I would cook some Good4U Recipes too and I did. I started my week cooking our Good4U Salmon & Pesto and oh man, it was so good! If you never tried it, please do, you won’t regret.

I also put myself in Shane & Shelly’s shoes and tried to make my very own recipes. I came up with this lovely Super Salad made of cucumber, beetroot, mango, feta cheese, smoked salmon and Good4U Quinoa Sprout Mix. I also cooked a delicious and very filling Spanish Frittata with sweet potato and Good4 Lemon & Pepper and to celebrate my Italian heritage I cooked my favourite, a Caprese Spaghetti! It was feta cheese, spring onion, tomatoes, smoked salmon, pesto and Good4U Super Sprouts.

Sorry I couldn't get Andrea to take the photo

 It was the first time I cooked a Caprese Spaghetti and it was so good that I will have it again.

Apart from the cooking, my new diet has also started to show its results. Now, I feel so much more alert in the mornings, I don’t feel that unbearable hungriness I was so used to feeling, I find it so much easier to fall asleep (and my quality of sleep has improved too) and even my working out has improved! I can face 1h of working out and 30m of swimming with no problem at all.

For next week, I will try few new recipes and cook another one or two Good4U’s.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014 By Good4U

That's right, we're going to be out and about and joining the festival goers of The Big Feastival hosted by Jamie Oliver and Alex James between August 29th and 31st.

We'll be serving up some awesome breakfast choices including a Super Meusli and a hot option of Super Porridge as well as a lunch choice of a Super Salad with great fresh ingredients. To wash all this down, we'll have powerful super shots of Wheatgrass, Apple and Lime.

If you're going to be at The Big Feastival, make sure to stop by and say 'Hi' and get some nutritious, tasty food!

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Monday, 18 August 2014 By Good4U

Be Healthy, Be Happy Project - Week 1

Seems that our Ricardo has done well on his first week of the ‘Be Healthy, Be Happy Project’ and there is no one better than himself to tell us how it was.

Let’s ‘hear’ what he has to say.


Hey guys, how are you keeping?

So, I survived the first week of the ‘Be Healthy, Be Happy Project’. It wasn’t as tough as I thought it was going to be, but it was by no means easy. I faced some challenges along the way and it was difficult to resist them and say no.

The biggest challenge of all was that Sligo was hosting The Fleadh; the biggest Irish Music Festival on earth and it was all happening right in front of my house (I live in the centre of town). The challenge that came with this, was of course, with a large music festival and massive crowds of spectators descending on the town centre, there are dozens of street food vendors dotted around the town. (Albeit, really good, tasty street food with a huge variety). I didn’t even have to leave my home to be tempted by the street food, the smell just flowed in through the windows.

Ah, that smell. Yup, it was hard as you can imagine.

I did my shopping following the shopping list Shelly gave me on Monday and I have to be honest and admit that I didn’t follow it 100%. I didn’t buy Feta Cheese as I was supposed to and bought Irish White Cheddar instead and didn’t buy Spring Onion either. I really did buy all the other ingredients though.

On Monday I had a lovely healthy and really filling up dinner. It was grilled chicken, roasted sweet potato with avocado, cucumber, salad leaves, Good4U Super Sprouts and tomato salad. I had a new experience with this meal. For me and other Brazilians, avocado is not usually eaten as part of a savoury meal so it was nice to experience it in a different context away.

For lunch time at work, I usually bring some leftover dinner from the evening before with me but Shelly advised me to change it a bit and try to have different lunch & dinner, so on Tuesday my lunch was roasted sweet potato, tomato and cucumber salad with Good4U Super Sprouts, one toast with a generous slice of cheese and one banana.

I don’t want to annoy you with every single meal I had this week, so I uploaded my meal planner and you can see it here.

Shelly spoke with me on Wednesday asking how it was going and I made the usually complaint as I always do: I was feeling really hungry in the morning. She asked to see what I was having for breakfast and it was just cereal with milk and one pot of yogurt (50g). She advised me to also include 2 scrambled eggs or boiled eggs on my breakfast too.

I did and it worked!

She said it worked because eggs are full of protein and protein keeps you full for longer.

So far the whole week was really good and I didn’t feel really hungry during the day either which was a surprise as I’m often feeling hungry as little as an hour after finishing a meal. I haven’t had to rely on an after dinner snack either to get me through the evening. I used Good4U products in every meal and guys, it’s not just because I work here, but our products add an extra crunch and goodness that is totally worth it!

I eventually gave in to temptation as I could no longer resist the street food at the weekend but it wasn’t the usual burgers, chips and hot dogs that are usually on offer. There were some really good spicy chicken noodles, oysters and smoked/barbecued meats.

For the second week, I’m following a new yet similar shopping list and will be cooking one of the Good4U Recipes too!

See you all next week!

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Monday, 11 August 2014 By Good4U

Here at Good4U we have a motto that you may be familiar with – Be Healthy, Be Happy.

We are confident that if you manage to eat well and maintain an active lifestyle you will inevitably feel healthier, and as a result will be happier! In theory we know this makes perfect sense and is quite simple but then life gets in the way and putting this into practice can become quite a task.

For this reason we are running the ‘Be Healthy, Be Happy Project’ for the month of August. Our in house dietitian Shelly is the brains behind the project. She will use all her knowledge to help Ricardo, our ‘guinea pig’, to improve his level of happiness by being a healthier person.

From today on, Ricardo will begin his quest to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle based on Shelly’s tips and of course, he will include our awesome Good4U products in his daily meals and will try out many of our recipes!

Ricardo is a lucky guy, as he has Shelly to advise him on all his meals over the next month (unfortunately she hasn’t agreed to do the cooking though). We invite you to come on board with us and do it too! You will have full access to all his meal planners, shopping lists and all the tips that Shelly has provided. Also, if you want Shelly to help you, drop her a line. She absolutely LOVES to help people!

Now, let’s introduce you to Ricardo.

Hi, my name is Ricardo and I’m a member of the Good4U team. You may or may not know me already, as I’m featured on the ‘Our Team’ page on the website, but let’s assume you have no idea who I am.

I’m a 25 year old Brazilian graphic designer and I have been working at Good4U for a little more than a year. Before moving to Ireland, I had never been away from home and even went to college in my own home town, so I always had mum looking after my meals and my diet. However, since I’ve left my hometown and country, I’ve being forced to fend for myself and have come up against a big stumbling block: the kitchen!

I could easily have chosen to eat really badly and believe me, I would love to, but I knew that it wasn’t the best option for me and for my body, so I’ve chosen to eat better and started to cook for myself. It has been a great adventure so far and I even have made some progress along the way.

Now I can cook more than 3 things but not much more! Until now I’ve being fairly limited with my meal options and perhaps eating the same variety of meals over and over isn’t as healthy as I first assumed – that’s why Shelly is going to help me add variety and help me maintain a healthy, balanced diet ensuring I get all the nutrients and vitamins I need to remain healthy.

I have never done this before in my life, so Shelly took easy on me for the first week and didn’t change much of my diet, but I can’t guarantee this for the next 3!

Not to forget, I’ve been always a very active person. I like to swim, go to the gym, going for long walks, running and I cycle a lot, so you could say I’m fairly active! But I’ve never connected my exercise routine with a healthy balanced diet.

Here at Good4u, people are always talking about healthy food and healthy diet, so we came up with the idea of using me as the ‘guinea pig’ for this project. From now on, every week you will see me here talking how the ‘Be Healthy, Be Happy Project’ is working for me. I’ll share with you my meal planner, my shopping list, new recipes I may create along the way and any tips Shelly gives me, I promise.

Wanna do it too?

You can see (and download if you want) my first shopping list here and also download the template of it to make your own here. I’ve also created a meal planner to help me organise my meals, you can download it here.

See you all next week!

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Thursday, 07 August 2014 By Good4U

Good4U Super Sprouts feature in Yours Magazine as a 'Health Watch' product! 


Grab yours now from Sainsburys Or Tesco stores nationwide and give your meals an added health boost.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014 By Good4U
Our dietitian has been busy given advice to athletes preparing for the Sionnach Relay which takes place in Sligo, Ireland on July 26th & 27th 2014. This 24 hour race is a first of the kind to come to Ireland and is sure to be one fun filled, action packed race.
To see what Michelle recommends for any athlete preparing for a race of this stature, just click here.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 By Good4U

Last night, Monday July 21st, Good4U featured on the hit Channel 4 TV show Food Unwrapped. Matt Tebbut and the Food Unwrapped team visited our facility in Cookstown, Northern Ireland in order to determine how Good4U sprouts can be labelled 'Ready to Eat' after concerns were raised that eating raw bean sprouts could be as harmful as eating raw oysters.

The crew documented the process that Good4U sprouts go through so that they won't cause any ill effects on your health.

if you missed the episode, you can catch up with it here on 4oD for a limited time.

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Thursday, 03 July 2014 By good4u_admin

With the summer season well and truly upon us and the weather reflecting this (most of the time), what better time than now to get the barbecue out and fired up!

A lot of the time, many people (us included) just cook the traditional burgers, sausages and chicken on the barbecue with an array of side salads but now we feel it’s time to change things up a little, so for some barbecue inspiration with the help of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube, we have 3 copies of The BBQ Book by DJ BBQ up for grabs.


To enter and be in with a chance of winning, just complete the form below. A winner will be chosen on Friday July 11th and the winner will be notified by email.

By clicking ‘Submit’ you agree to our Terms & Conditions 

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Thursday, 03 July 2014 By good4u_admin

To conincide with an increased range availability of Good4U products in SuperValu and Centra, we're happy to announce that our roasted seed mixes and sprout mixes are now available on special offer.

Customers can save €1 on Good4U roasted seed mixes (Chilli Seed, Sunflower Seed and Multi Seed) and €0.50c on Good4U Sprout Mixes (Lentil Sprout Mix, Quinoa Sprout Mix and Super Sprouts)

Grab yours now and start making your summer meals even healthier.

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Wednesday, 02 July 2014 By good4u_admin

From today (July 2nd) until July 22nd, Good4U Radish Sprout Mix is available for just £1 from your local Sainsbury's store. 

Find your local Sainsbury's stockist by clicking here.

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